Important things to know before downloads roms or emulators from ConsoleRoms.

The sole purpose of running and operating ConsoleRoms is to archive retro arcade games. The main idea behind this project was to protect the arcade ROMs from disappearing and create a directory storing out-of-use retro games that are no longer on the market. We also want to connect the emulator creators and create a platform where players can easily search and find emulators for their favorite consoles or systems. Please note that ConsoleRoms DOES NOT support piracy in any way, on the contrary we are against it and we support and encourage our visitors to buy modern games and support the developers and creators.

By downloading ROM's from our website you confirm and agree that you own a licence for that game.

DMCA / Removal Request

In case ConsoleRoms recives notification for intelectual work or copyrighted material we will carefully review the notification and give our best to solve the problem. In order to take a notification seriously we would like to request the following documents along with the complaint:

  • Identify and precisely point the material that (belongs to you)/(you are representing) and send the URL/s of the pages where it is located.

  • Contact information how we can reach you back as well as location of the company representing the copyrighted material.

  • All legal documents confirming the ownership of the material you are reaching for.

  • Authorization signature

You can send the above documents using our contact form, or reach directly to our team using the [email protected] e-mail.

We will review the documents carefully and get back to you in maximum of 48 hours.