Full List of Game Boy ROMs

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Nintendo Game Boy Information

Game Boy is the first and the most popular handheld device in human history. Almost every single person on the planet had one, played with it and created countless memories. A device is an 8-bit unit designed, developed and sold by Nintendo specifically. The first variation of the unit had green and black screen and simple design. The controls were simple as well. Players used a directional cross for movements, there were 2 control buttons, select and start. The unit has one speaker and the volume can be adjusted.

Game Boy was actually developed by Gunpei Yokoi, Satoru Okada, and Nintendo R & D or Nintendo Research & Development 1. It was released in 1989 in Japan and 3 months later it became available in the United States. One year after, the device started its life in Europe and some other markets. Game Boy uses cartridges to play games and this was a similar feature to many games of the time. The original Game Boy is NES compatible. It was commonly sold with Tetris or Super Mario games and as a standalone device.

Believe or not, the era with Game Boy ended in 2003. During its lifespan, Nintendo sold over 118 million units all across the planet. The first generation was powered by Sharp LR35902 core working at 4.19 MHz and had an LCD display 160x144 pixels. It uses 4 AA batteries. The best-selling game is Tetris (sold in over 30 million copies). The handheld device was replaced with Game Boy Color, being named due to the colorful display. Most of you don’t know that the original Game Boy was successor of Game & Watch device.

Now you can download any game you like in a form of GBA ROMs, including traditional Tetris, Super Mario and many more within seconds. After that, use an emulator to play them as long as you want.