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Game Boy Color Information

Game Boy Color is one of those devices you have been playing with for ages. A device is a handheld unit that comes in transparent case, although other colors are available. It was developed, sold and marketed by Nintendo. The official launch occurred in Japan in 1998. The same year the device became available in other parts of the world. A previous model from the same family was Game Boy.

Nintendo made Game Boy Color as a bigger more advanced version of Game Boy Pocket, which was launched a few weeks before the GBC. One of the most common facts about the device is its display. It is a colored display but doesn't have backlight which was soon corrected in the next variation of the console. Game Boy Color has a unique processor as well. It is known as a combination between Intel 8080 and Zilog Z80. The processor is 8-bit and was very fast and reliable back in a day. The processor was developed by Sharp and was referred to as hybrid.

Game Boy Color is the 5th version of the device in question. It was sold in over 118 million copies when the sales are paired with Game Boy. One of the biggest rivals was the Sega Game Gear but it was ended in 1997. Nintendo also ended Game Boy in order to increase the sale of Game Boy Color. New Geo Pocket Color was released in 1999 and it replaced the GBC soon after its launch.

All iconic games for the GBC are available here in the form of ROMs. The games such as Pokemon - Yellow Version, Resident Evil Gaiden and The Legend of Zelda - Oracle of Seasons are all ready for you to download. You will need an emulator to load the game on any device and start playing them instantly.