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M.A.M.E. - Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator Information

MAME is an acronym that stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator. It is one of the first software projects of this kind and still the most popular after so many years. The software is obviously an emulator developed for computers and allows them to run any game for vintage consoles and devices. The first versions were a bit tricky to use and had complicated user interface. However, this was corrected by the developers in future versions.

The MAME was a project developed and released by Nicola Salmoria in 1997 and was the first software of this kind. It was able to be installed on any computer running Windows or Mac and users were able to load and play games instantly. At the moment, Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator can be used for playing over 7000 games and additional ROMs that count 10.000 and more. One of the biggest improvements occurred in 2015 when another emulator, known as MESS was officially integrated into MAME. Just to add, MESS is based on the core of the Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator and has a similar user interface.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator was developed in C++ mainly. But, other programming languages were used as well such as Python and C for some drivers in order to make the software more usable. The first version was developed by Nicola Salmoria completely, but the MAME team was responsible for major help for later versions of the emulator. The latest version is completely compatible with Linux, BSD, Amiga, Windows, macOS and many other operating systems used today. Installation varies.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator uses ROMs developed for many consoles and can emulate all popular names. Usually, ROMs used are present in ZIP files and they contain image files and PAL files. ROMs are read-only files. The process of creating these files is known as dumping.

The MAME is a popular emulator that is common on most gamer's computers. Some of the games you can download here and play include The King of Fighters 2002, Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes, Cadillacs And Dinosaurs, The King Of Fighters XI and many others. All the ROMs are tested before uploads. They do not contain malware or viruses and they are easy to use using the MAME. Pick a game you like and start playing instantly. We will add new games on a regular basis, so check the page for new and desirable games.