Mednafen is a versatile emulator. It is developed in C++ programming language and it uses cores and third-party additions to emulate the games. The software is available for Windows computers and has a small size, easy to use interface and can be used for emulating Nintendo, Sega, and Sony PlayStation games. Of course, each player can install other cores which will provide emulation of a specific console. Command line input is selected and used for this emulator. It is mostly used by gamers who want to adapt and customize their emulators into something they like and want to use all the time.

Quick Facts

Consoles Emulated: GBA / PSX / SNES / Atari Lynx / Wonderswan / Wonderswan Color / Neo Geo Pocket / NES / Game Boy / GBC / Virtual Boy / TurboGrafx16 / PC-FX / Sega Game Gear / Megadrive / Sega Master System / Sega Saturn
Available for: Windows / Linux
Homepage: Link

Download Mednafen for Windows

Version Date Added Size Download Link
1.23.0 2018-06-10 14:47:14 7.5M Link

Download Mednafen for Linux

Version Date Added Size Download Link
1.23.0 2018-06-10 14:42:05 3.1M Link