Nintendo 64 games can be played using the Project64 emulator. It is the most advanced and the most versatile software of this kind available online. The softw87are uses plugins and each one allows another feature to be activated. For example, some plugins will allow the game to be fast-forwarded, others to save the game and so much more. Players can use the emulator to play ROMs of all Nintendo 64 games, the games created directly on a computer and more. The Project64 is available for Microsoft computers. Developers are constantly making and allowing new features and import the compatibility score. The emulator is developed in C programming language.

Quick Facts

Consoles Emulated: N64
Available for: Windows
Homepage: Link

Download Project64 for Windows

Version Date Added Size Download Link
2.3.2 2018-06-05 13:34:51 2.28MB Link